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Course Descriptions

This section briefly describes the rationale for linking to ENG 101 or ENG 102, and includes course descriptions and their place in the General Education Core for students interested in determining which link would work best for them.

Information about specific class schedules for the current semester is located at the Sign Up page.

A link begins with one of the following courses (click on link for course description):

There are currently no courses linked to ENG 101W.

ENG 101 or ENG 102? The basic criteria for choosing to link a course to ENG 101 or ENG 102 is whether or not the course has a research paper component. ENG 101 focuses on general academic literacy and essay writing (from sources provided), while ENG 102 focuses more specifically on argument and researched writing (writing about sources discovered by the student).

If the other General Education course is a large lecture course that does not require a research paper assignment, then ENG 101 is usually the best choice for a link. ENG 101 can also be linked to small classes with writing assignments that do not involve research. ENG 101 links are good for helping students learn and understand the subject of the other course, while building general academic writing skills in the composition course.

ENG 102 works best if the other course has a research component. Then the ENG 102 course focuses on giving students the skills to write the more sophisticated academic arguments required in the other course.

Instructors can, however, modify their assignments to take advantage of a link to either ENG 101 or ENG 102. Links to either ENG 101 or 102 are prearranged based on a review of existing course descriptions and consultation with department administrators. Once the link is arranged, instructors work together to determine the degree and nature of their shared assignments.

The "W" is added to course numbers primarily as a way for the online registration system to "enforce" the link (to only allow students interested in both courses to register). The "W" also allows students to recognize link-designated classes in the course listings each semester.

ENG 101W Links. There are currently no courses linked to ENG 101.

ENG 102W Links. The following courses are linked to ENG 102:

Course Descriptions

ENG 101W, Composition I: Develops fluency and confidence in writing by extensive practice in the narrative, descriptive, and expository modes of discourse. Prerequisite: Satisfactory scores on placement exam, ACT English score 21-29, or SAT Verbal score of 510-670. Satisfies 3 credits of the English Composition requirement of Gen Ed Core.

ENG 102W, Composition II: Emphasis on critical thinking and the writing of arguments supported by sound evidence. Includes focus on the processes necessary for conducting research and for incorporating research material in writing. Prerequisite is satisfactory completion of ENG 101 or equivalent. Satisfies 3 credits of the English Composition requirement of the General Education Core.

ENG 231W, World Literature I: Introduces students to world masterworks from antiquity to Shakespeare. Satisfies 3 credits Literature requirement of Gen Ed Core.

ENG 232W, World Literature II: Introduces students to world masterworks from the Renaissance through the modern period. Satisfies 3 credits Literature requirement of Gen Ed Core.

PHI 102W, Reasoning & Critical Thinking: Introduction to the analysis and evaluation of actual arguments, to the practice of constructing logically sound arguments, and to logic as the theory of argument. Emphasizes arguments of current or general interest. Satisfies the 3-credit Analytical Thinking requirement of the General Education Core.



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