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Student FAQs

Who is eligible?

Any student who is eligible to register for ENG 101 and ENG 102 can register for linked courses.

The prerequisite for ENG 101, Composition I is ACT English score 21-29, SAT Verbal score of 510-670, or satisfactory completion of ENG 98. Students who score 1-20 on the ACT or 200-500 on the SAT, and who feel that standardized test scores do not accurately reflect their writing ability, can submit a portfolio of writing for further consideration regarding placement into ENG 101. Contact the Compositon Office at 895-3165 for more information.

The prerequisite for ENG 102, Composition II is satisfactory completion of ENG 101, or ACT English score of 31+, or SAT Verbal score of 685+.

What is a "writing link"?

A writing link consists of a section of ENG 101 (Composition I) or ENG 102 (Composition II) and a section of a course from another department, such as HIST 101, PHI 101, or WMST 113. The two courses are linked in two ways: the same group of students is enrolled in both courses, and the instructors of the two courses collaborate in order to coordinate their course assignments. This creates a Learning Community that helps to foster student interest and success.
How does a linked section differ from an un-linked section?

In linked sections, you will be part of the same group of students in both courses, and the course instructors will work together to coordinate assignments. In contrast, the students attending un-linked sections of the same courses will find different students in each section, and their professors will teach independently without sharing syllabi or course assignments.
What are the advantages of taking linked courses?
  The same students and teachers from both classes in the Learning Community work together for the entire semester. The program offers a variety of advantages such as:
  • Reinforced knowledge across classes resulting in better learning
  • Sustained academic relationships with other students and faculty
  • The opportunity to register for high-demand classes at prime times
  • Coordinated assignments
  • Opportunities to attend free workshops designed especially for Learning Community students to provide extra support academically and socially
What are the DISadvantages?
  You will be studying with the same students in two of your courses and may develop life-long relationships which may continue into your professional career -- can you handle it? You will also receive lots of attention from your teachers, program directors, advisors, and fellow students who are committed to working together to help you succeed at UNLV -- got problems with that? We hope not, but if so, this program may not be for you.
Will I get a separate grade for both courses?
  Yes, you will receive separate grades for each of the two linked courses. The grade you receive for a linked course is based solely on your performance in the one course, not both.
Will the grades I get in one course affect the grade I get in the other course?

No, the grades received in one of the linked courses will not have any direct effect on the grades received in the other course.

You might get a change to work on the same or similar assignment for both courses, which might lead to higher grades in both classes.

What if I want to change from a linked section to an un-linked section?

You may change your registration through the last day of late registration.

Since the grades are generally separate for both courses, it's possible that you can stay in one of the classes after a link without too much adverse affect on your performance in that class.

However, you may feel a bit left out if students and the teacher keep referring to the other course. You may want to consider withdrawing from both courses if that's that case.

What if I need to drop one of the linked courses?
  If you find it necessary to withdraw from one the linked courses after the last day of registration you will not be required to withdraw from the other course.
Why can't I find the linked courses in the course catalog?
  These courses are not shown in the course catalog because students cannot register themselves. You can sign up for the courses, and when seats are available, you will be registered by a Writing Links coordinator.
How do I sign up?

The online registration system "suppresses" (or conceals from student view) both call numbers and makes the course call numbers available only to Writing Links staff who manually enroll students to ensure only students interested in Writing Links are enrolled.

So to sign up for a writing link, go to the signup page at the Writing Links web site at http://writinglinks.unlv.edu/signup.html. Then complete the form to indicate your preferences for links or sections. For most writing links, several sections are available. Make sure you use an active e-mail address so that you receive an important confirmation e-mail.

Completing the sign-up form does not automatically add these courses to your class schedule. Writing Links program staff will receive your e-mail sign up request and manually enroll you in the courses you requested. You will then receive an e-mail confirming your enrollment in the writing link you requested. This usually occurs within 24 hours, but may take longer on weekends, etc. Also, while you can submit your sign-up request early, you cannot be enrolled prior to the official open of registration for your group.

Sometimes the person attempting to enroll you may need to contact you because of conflicts in your schedule. It helps to have your schedule open for the days and times you requested. We do not drop you from other classes that conflict with your sign up request and will contact you if there are scheduling problems.

If you have any questions about your enrollment status after you submitted your sign-up form, contact writinglinks@unlv.edu.

What does the "W" stand for in the course numbers?

The "W" stands for "Writing Link." Any course designated with a "W" at the end of the course number will be the same as the one described in the Undergraduate Catalog (e.g., ENG 101W is the same as ENG 101), except that it is part of the Writing Links program and, we feel, enhanced by virture of its being linked to another course.

The "W" does not mean more work; it means that you will see the same students in those two classes (think, closer ties and automatic study partners) and there may be shared assignments (think, the opportunity to focus on one subject and perhaps do class work more efficiently, i.e., less work!).

"W" courses will meet the same graduation requirements for courses that don't have the "W" designation (i.e., ENG 101W satisfies the ENG 101 General Education requirement).

Can I call someone if I have other questions?

No. We rely on e-mail for student questions and sign-ups. Contact writinglinks@unlv.edu. You may be referred to a phone number of an assistant or director of the program if necessary.

Can I sign up for just one of the linked courses?
  No, you must register for both of the linked courses. If you want to take just one of the classes, simply choose a course that does not have the "W" designation.
Can I sign up for a linked ENG 102 if I haven't taken ENG 101 yet?
  You must satisfactorily complete ENG 101 (or otherwise meet the prerequisite requirement) before taking ENG 102.
I'm going to take ENG 101 in summer school; can I sign up for ENG 102 now?
  Yes, you may sign up for linked courses now if you are enrolled in ENG 101 this semester or are registered for ENG 101 in the summer. If you do not satisfactorily complete ENG 101 before the beginning of the fall semester, you will be required to withdraw from both ENG 102 and the linked course.
How will I know when I've been registered in the linked courses?

The sign-up form does not automatically add the courses to your class schedule. Your sign-up request is handled by an assistant who enrolls you into the requested link. You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your enrollment status generally within 24 hours of making your request, sometimes longer over weekends and busy periods.

You can also check your schedule after the 24-48 hour period. If your request was processed, both "w" courses in your link should show up in your class schedule. And then it's like any other class; just show up on Day 1 ready to learn!

The online registration system "suppresses" (or conceals from student view) both call numbers and makes the composition call number available only to Writing Links staff who manually enroll students to ensure only students interested in Writing Links are enrolled.



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