Student Feedback from UNLV Writing Links

“I would really enjoy taking a course like this again. It is nice when the teachers communicate and you are with the same people in two classes.”

“I really enjoyed it. Having the same paper for both classes took a lot of stress off at the end of the semester.”

“It is helpful to have two professors giving you feedback on the same assignments.”

“It is a good way to do two required courses. Same assignments, same time.”

“I would recommend this class to a friend, and I did actually, to my roommate. I thought the link courses did a great job of presenting and teaching both classes. The small class sizes were great. I liked the teaching styles of both professors. Overall, I thought the link was done very well. Fantastic job!”

”It simplifies everything from material to the schedule. It is an obvious choice for challenging classes.”

“You get a full understanding of each of the topics discussed in both classes.”

“I liked the link because essays in ENG 102 reinforced what I learned in WMST 113.”