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Instructor Resources

Writing Links Models

  1. "Writing Components, Writing Adjuncts, Writing Links" by Joan Graham http://wac.colostate.edu/books/mcleod_soven/chapter8.pdf. (From McLeod, Susan H., and Soven, Margot. 2000. Writing Across the Curriculum: A Guide to Developing Programs. WAC Clearinghouse Landmark Publications in Writing Studies: http://wac.colostate.edu/aw/books/mcleod_soven/ Originally Published in Print, 1992, by Sage Publications, Newbury Park, California.)

Assignment Handouts
An assignment handout allows instructors to articulate their expectations to themselves and to their students, which is helpful when planning collaborative, linked assignments.

  1. "Overview: Designing Writing Assignments." http://writing.colostate.edu/guides/teaching/wassign/ (U of Colorado Writing Center)
  2. "Designing Writing Assignments" Worksheet http://www.emich.edu/halle/writing_assignments_worksheet_emuwac.pdf (Eastern Michigan)

Informal Writing

  1. “Teaching with Writing: Informal, In-Class Writing Activities” by Pamela Flash, Associate Director, University of Minn. Center for Writing (based on John Bean). http://writing.umn.edu/tww/assignments/in-class.htm. Presents strategies for using writing as tool for learning in content classes.


  1. "The Odd Couples: Interdisciplinary Team Teaching" by Sue Dinitz, Jack Drake, Shirley Gedeon, Jean Kiedaisch, and Char Mehrtens. Language and Learning Across the Disciplines 2.2 (1997)



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